The Ultimate Whiskey Sour

I spent the past week in Cambridge and Paris basically eating and drinking my way through each city. Check out our instagram account to see some more of our #drunktourism posts and start tagging your vacation drinks accordingly. Amazingly enough, with all of the great beer, wine, and cocktails we tried, it was one of the most familiar that got me that most enthusiastic. You see, the classic whiskey sour is not only one of my favorite drinks, but it’s also the drink that got my girlfriend into whiskey. Now she’s sipping whiskey sours like a champ but oddly enough, I had almost forgotten about them.

I’ve written about the concept of a “sour” before, but just as a quick reminder, this isn’t about those awful well-liquor drinks at college bars that see equal parts of shitty booze and fluorescent sour mix combined in a plastic cup. No, we’re talking about the simple blend of spirit, fresh lemon, sugar (or a sugar equivalent like honey) and oftentimes an egg white for froth. It was the latter ingredient that I myself often left out when I made these suckers at home, but never again. In two of the better cocktail bars in Paris (we’ll get to them later this week), our whiskey sours came mixed up, frothy and balanced rendering the perfect amount of whiskey, sweetness, and acidity. The froth from the egg white carries the flavors together and it’s a must add.

As for the ultimate recipe, I myself love to use honey instead of sugar because of the comforting sweetness that it adds. Maple syrup is also a nice add as it plays off the flavors of the bourbon but therefore it doesn’t stand out as much. If you are weirded out by the egg white, get over it. Have you ever had chocolate mousse or meringue? If you are making these for a crowd it’s probably worth grabbing some pasteurized egg whites in a container although my experience is that fresh is always best. Enjoy!

The Ultimate Whiskey Sour

2 oz bourbon (I love Jeffersons)

1 oz fresh lemon juice

3/4 oz honey

1/4 oz egg white

In a cocktail shaker add the lemon juice and honey and stir at the bottom to combine. Then add the bourbon, egg white, and ice and shake vigorously. Strain into a fresh glass with cubed ice and garnish with homemade maraschino cherries and an orange wedge if you have them. Of you don’t? Check out tomorrow’s post for the perfect recipe.

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