The Scurvy Killer

I’ve been fighting off a bad cold / seasonal allergy amalgamation that seemingly won’t go away. I even tried to take a few nights off from drinking thinking that would help and all that did was to remind me of how boring I am when sober. But I think I’ve reached into the old glossary to come up with a solution. Because while everyone tells me to pump myself with vitamins, they’ve never been that specific with the “how”.

The Scurvy Killer came to be as I experimented with all sorts of fresh juice recipes for a side project called Juice Bar Blends some time ago. Pairing great liquor with real fresh juice blends is not only delicious but it also diminishes the likelihood of hangovers*.

*We have absolutely no data to substantiate this. But sounds legit, right?

This particular blend of carrot, ginger, and apple is perfect for a lightly aged rum as the bite of the ginger and the sweetness of the fruit/veg combo is reminiscent of a dark and stormy flavor profile; only much more refreshing. To make the juice, I recommend using green apples which I’m normally not a big fan of simply because they aren’t as sweet but a good fuji apple will do the trick just as well. I’m attaching a great recipe for a similar juice blend (pictured above) from Two Blue Lemons to simplify things for you.

To good health!

The Scurvy Killer

4 oz carrot, ginger, and apple juice

1.5 oz lightly aged rum

1.5 oz seltzer

Squeeze of lemon

In a shaker filled with ice, shake the juice and the rum vigorously. Strain into a glass with fresh ice and top with seltzer and the lemon squeeze. Enjoy!

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