The Noblers Taste: Tanduay Asian Rum

When Drew and I got our hands on a few bottles of Tanduay’s Asian Rum, we both had the same initial reaction….what the hell is Asian Rum?

Well as it turns out, despite our Caribbean centric view of the world of rum, Tanduay as a brand captures thousands of years of history from another hot spot in sugarcane production. Tropical climates and volcanic soil have made the Philippines ideal for rum making and yet despite being one of the largest producers in the world, Tanduay is just beginning to make its mark in the United States.

Drew and I decided to give the Tanduay Silver and Gold the Nobler Tasting treatment with a little cross-country, digital discussion. Things started off a little rocky…

Drew: Let’s get down to business and taste some rum

Ricky: Perfect. So full disclaimer, I tried the silver last night and also soaked jalapenos and ginger in it to make drinks which was delicious


But once we settled in, we both agreed, Tanduay is a welcomed addition to the U.S. spirit market particularly if you are big on rum based cocktails. As for our breakdown:
The Pour:

Drew and I agreed on the pour as the Silver touts a slight yellowish tint from a touch of aging as the Gold shows off it’s time in charred oak barrels with a stronger amber gold. On first pour, we felt pretty strongly we’d like the Gold more for its age and hue.

The Nose:

Drew nailed the description on both – The silver smells sugary, almost like syrup. But the Gold smells so much like syrup I want to put some on pancakes, also has hints of caramel…which I would also like to put on pancakes. That sweetness is a nice counterpoint to the typical alcohol forward smell in most cocktail rums.

The Taste:

The Silver on its own was surprisingly smooth for such young rum: a cocktail rum at its core. I tried my hand at steeping jalapenos and ginger in the Silver for a few hours and absolutely loved the flavor combination. The longer you steep, the spicier the rum will become, so keep tasting as you go to be safe. As for the Gold, Tanduay manages to craft a really balanced and smooth aged blend that quite frankly acts as a nice addition the sipper list in your liquor collection. If you aren’t much of a straight liquor drinker, try this one in a dark and stormy or a rum punch for a twist on the classics.

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