The Noblers Taste: Amstel Radler

On the heels of a beautiful Memorial Day weekend, the outdoor drinking weather is in full effect. I myself celebrated the holiday weekend drinking a fistful of rum cocktails (every party should be luau themed) and soaking in the sun on a perfect brooklyn rooftop. It was an awesome day of drinking but not surprisingly after the first drinks and a few hours of sun, that nerve-racking feeling kicked in. You know that feeling…”am I the only one who is this wasted?”. Well luckily for me, I caught the feeling early on, and managed to slug enough water to go from sun soaked and wasted to even keeled and perfectly buzzed.

This situation is fairly common (I think right?) for summer day drinking as the sun seems to magnify the alcohol’s effect by 40. Which is why it’s not shocking to see the trend of super low ABV products entering the beer space. Over the last 10-15 years the opposite of course was in full effect. Craft breweries have been competing on who can make the most palatable high hopped, high ABV offering and most of them have gotten quite good and it. But these suckers will knock you right on your ass if you try to get through a summer day’s of drinking with them. Instead, the low ABV offerings which hearken back to the days where farmers drank beer to hydrate (the beer was actually safer than water back then), are a perfect solution to this problem.

The other day I was sent a handful of one of the more intriguing offerings on the market in the Amstel Radler. The Amstel brand is owned by Heineken who has seen the launch of the Radler take off in all sorts of Global markets. In it’s simplicity, the Radler is a beer diluted with lemonade clocking in just under 2.0 ABV. The flavor combination is not all that surprising being that light summer beer garnished with lemons is one of the more refreshing drinks out there. But the added sweetness from the lemonade makes this sucker extra refreshing for the beach or park outing when you are looking to keep your stamina ready for a long day of drinking.

To be honest, I don’t see myself kicking back with a six pack of Radlers all that often as it’s been a touch sweet for my preferences but I know a bunch of people who I can’t wait to share them with. If you find yourself turning down a drink in fear of going overboard out in the sun, the Radler is a perfect choice to be a part of the cool-kids club! Check it out next time you see a pack and let us know what you think!


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One thought on “The Noblers Taste: Amstel Radler

  1. Only 2.0%!!! I’m gonna need a bunch of these suckers. Definitely picking some up for the next beach trip.

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