The Modifiers: Pimm’s #1

With the surge of cocktail culture has come a tremendous adoption of unique and interesting ingredients to help push the envelope on flavor and balance in drink mixing. While this can lead to all sorts of exciting outcomes in the best bars around the country, the challenge for the everyday drinker has been magnified. For one, many of these ingredients can read as foreign and confusing as learning another language; orgeat and cynar sound more like monsters than they do cocktail ingredients. But even worse, once we become accustomed and even learn to love them, buying a full bottle can seem a bit daunting. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our new series, highlighting our favorites and squashing the misconceptions.  It’s time to introduce, The Modifiers…

When we first started this series, the major objective was to highlight the essential modifier spirits that any good home-bar should include. The idea being that with this series of modifiers we’ve listed, mixing up the classics would be just as possible as building on your creativity. For that reason we started with a handful of modifiers (St. Germain, Orange Liqueurs, and Campari) that by definition act as balancers and/or nuancers that draw out subtle flavors in order to make some really delicious cocktails come to life. But Pimm’s makes the list for a more direct reason. Pimm’s is fucking awesome.

Despite being lower in ABV than a typical base spirit, Pimm’s is most well known for it’s stand alone greatness as the lead in the classic Pimm’s Cup recipe. (Check out our Pimm’s Cup Recipe Here). But truth be told, that lower alcohol percentage (25%) makes it equally delicious when used as more of a modifier just as well. Because the Pimm’s #1 is gin based in nature, pairing Pimm’s with Gin is a fantastic idea. Even just a small addition of Pimm’s to your classic gin and tonic can be surprisingly game changing.

Like most historically well known liqueurs, the story of Pimm’s origin is rooted in the “Pharmacy” days of mixology. All sorts of “tonics” were created by local bartenders that supposedly alleviated ailments (Pimm’s was originally for digestion) but obviously we all know this is just a clever way to hide the real objectives. Just like the NFL players need marijuana for “pain management”. Come on man!!!!

But all joking aside, Pimm’s is a crucial addition to our Modifier series and to your home bar collection. The summer was made for Pimm’s Cup drinking so let that be your rationale to pick up a bottle and start mixing.

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2 thoughts on “The Modifiers: Pimm’s #1

    1. Definitely agree. I’ve had way too many overly sweet versions. My favorite is at the Napoleon House in New Orleans. Something perfect about a Pimm’s Cup and their warm Muffuletta sandwich!

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