The Bertha Palmer

There is a light my friends, and it’s called Spring! The slush piles are nearly gone from the city streets and dare I say, I saw the sun today! Soon enough we’ll be drinking for pleasure, not for survival and even craving refreshment from our cocktails, not simply strength and warmth. I thought fellow Nobler and bourbon enthusiast, Joe Fisher had the season nailed perfectly this weekend with his homemade chili and bourbon iced tea (gotta love Instagram). Which got me thinking about one of my favorite Nobler Cocktail Recipes of all time…The Bertha Palmer.

The Bertha Palmer is our take on the classic tea and lemon flavor combination and maple syrup is a natural fit as sweetener here with bourbon as our booze of choice. I know it’s hard to imagine with the winter we’ve had but just remember, sometime soon, the days of refreshing cocktails are upon us. Get to know Bertha now, trade in those sweatpants for new swim trunks, and slug away my friends. Slug away…

The Bertha Palmer

2/3 cup unsweetened tea

1 tbsp maple syrup

Juice of half a lemon

2 oz bourbon

In a tall glass, mix the lemon juice and maple syrup to create your simple lemon syrup. Add the bourbon, tea, and top off with ice. Stir to combine and garnish with a lemon and a sprig of mint if you real classy. 

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