Re-visiting the Ultimate Gin and Tonic

After another insanely amazing week in Spain, a country that I’m now more convinced than ever I need to live in at some point, it’s time to re-visit the ultimate Gin and Tonic. I won’t bore you with the “Spain’s Gin and Tonic” resurgence summary for the one millionth time but in it’s simplicity, the Spanish take their G&Ts pretty damn seriously and I’m convinced I’ve finally figured out the part of the recipe I’ve been missing.

You see, every time I’ve talked about the Spanish Gin and Tonic craze and suggested it’s as simple as buying some nice tonic and pairing it with some of your favorite gin all with a subtle garnish or two, I greatly missed on the ratios. The gin and tonics you see pictured above were damn near 50/50 gin to tonic and were some of the best we’ve ever had. And it makes a lot of sense when you think about the sugar load in tonic water; too much, like you typically see in the average G&T and your gin is completely overwhelmed. I plan on testing this theory this weekend and trying to nail the perfect ratio so stay tuned but in the meantime, just remember, roughly 50/50, in a big ass glass with big ass ice cubes.

As for the garnishes, I have found my match. Because while the simple citrus or berries or even cucumbers are all well and good, nothing beats the Campari soaked grapefruit peel I had in Madrid. I happen to be a huge Campari drinker, but never thought to use the stuff in such a simple and delicious way. It’s a game changer in terms of garnishes adding just a bit extra bitterness to the ultimate Gin and Tonic.

Check back soon for the actual recipe with proper ratios and all!

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