Prohibition, Carrie Nation, and Our First T-Shirt!

Today marks the 95th Anniversary of the un-official start of Prohibition in the USA. On this day back in 1919 the 18th Amendment was ratified signaling the country would go dry, one year from the date of signature. In a way, that in itself should have been enough absurdity to render the whole experiment a waste of time. You are telling me you gave all of the degenerates a full year to plan for days without legal booze? Come on now! Nevertheless, once signed into law, the 18th amendment was a strong signal that the work of the temperance movement, the Anti-Saloon League, and many other organizations clamoring for a dry country had succeeded setting up the ultimate “I Told You So” 14 years later as Prohibition would thankfully come to a close.

This time in US history is beyond fascinating and is a huge source of reference for drinking groups and businesses (including us) everywhere you go. Some of the greatest American characters existed during this era, one of which we decided to commemorate in our very first Nobler Experiment T-shirt (purchase below). Carrie Nation was a prominent player in the early Temperance movement known for promoting her anti-drinking viewpoint through some serious vandalism. She was a hatchet wielding nut-job who smashed up bar after bar and made quite the impact on the movement towards Prohibition which sadly for her, finally went into effect years after she died. Bars and Saloons across the country adopted the mantra “All Nations Welcome But Carrie” in protest of her violent ways. So we’re picking up the mantra both in support of booze and in homage to Carrie. She may not have loved the idea of the Nobler Experiment, but something tells me we could have charmed her to the dark side!


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For those interested in supporting us, you can purchase a t-shirt by clicking on the buttons below. For the locals, we’ll be making hand deliveries so shipping won’t be necessary just be sure to use the second button. Special thanks go to Dave Brown, great friend of the Nobler Experiment and master everything creative for designing the shirt. If you like, buy one and then check out his portfolio here!

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