Outdoor Drinking Cocktail: The Aperol Spritz

This the season my friends. The season where we all break out of our tiny apartments, our winter hibernation, and drink alcohol in outdoor spaces! Whether it be on the beach, in a park, or up on a roof there really is nothing better than imbibing in the open air. And we’ve got the ultimate guide to maximize your outdoor drinking experiences here at the Nobler Experiment…so get to it, and Drink Outdoors…

For the first few days of the Nobler Guide to Outdoor Drinking we’ve been pretty focused on taking the macho approach. Drink beer, grill meat, pound chest, repeat. But we’re well rounded fellas here at the Nobler Experiment (well mostly everyone) who just so happen to enjoy a pinkish drink from now again. Particularly when it’s outdoors, and it’s an Aperol Spritz. Yep, that’s right…start calling us the modern day Renaissance Man…

Gotta love it when cocktail names are equally descriptive as they are ridiculous. A spritz, despite sounding very similar to the Yiddish word for a sweat (Shvitz for those wondering), is actually the descriptor for a sparkling wine based cocktail that was developed in the 1800s back in Italy. Over 200 years later, the name still sounds ridiculous but the basic idea here is to pair bubbles, wine, and ideally some sort of other flavor component often for a pre-dinner cocktail or in our case, the perfect drink for the outdoor occasions.

You can get at that balance of bubbles, wine, and flavor a variety of ways including using non-sparkling wine with the addition of seltzer, but the Aperol Spritz is best when you stick to the basics. Italian sparkling wine, Aperol, and only a splash of sparkling water. The Aperol (soon to be highlighted in the Modifiers series) is a bitter orange aperitif a bit like Campari but much lighter in alcohol. The sweet and bitter balance works perfectly with Italian Prosecco and over ice is one of the more refreshing and simple cocktails on the planet.

Not convinced just yet? What if I told you sipping an Aperol Spritz is like the drinking version of owning a puppy. Chicks dig the Spritz my friends…I guarantee it.*

*At the Nobler Experiment, we sometimes confuse the word guarantee with “I hope this is true”.

The Aperol Spritz

4.5 oz Prosecco

2.5 oz Aperol

1 oz Sparkling Water

Lime Wedge to Garnish

In a tall glass with ice, add the prosecco then the aperol and stir to combine. Top with the lime wedge and the sparkling water and drink with confidence knowing you are friggin awesome.




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One thought on “Outdoor Drinking Cocktail: The Aperol Spritz

  1. Thanks for the idea! We have a random bottle of Aperol we have been trying to figure out what to do with.

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