Open Letter to the Drunk A$$hole Community

“I would KILL those guys for you!”…”You just made a BIG mistake!”…”Don’t you ever not do what I say”….

These were just a handful of the lively comments made by an aggressive drunk to our group last night as we celebrated a friends birthday in Brooklyn. Pay close attention to the first two because that swing from insane support and threatening lunacy all came in the span of about 35 seconds, and yes to be clear from a perfect stranger. So as an advocate of the drinking culture that embraces liquor, wine and beer for exploration, enjoyment, and friendship and on behalf of all the Noblers, I’ve got a message for all the drunk idiots out there threatening strangers and generally making people uncomfortable…please stay the hell out of our bars!

I’m not here to tout my own abilities to avoid over the top beer muscles or even tell you I’ve never acted stupid after having too much to drink. We’ve all had our nights we wish had never happened but those that can’t control themselves, those that get so drunk they stumble, bumble, and generally freak out just about everyone they encounter have got to reign it in. The bar as a concept has always worked under the principles that while you may not know everyone drinking to their hearts desire, a special level of respect and patience is ideal so not to ruin all of the fun for everyone. Drunk A$$HOLES have thrown this concept out the window and threaten not only the strangers in their non-linear pathway, but also the very essence of society. (That’s right, I’m going there!)

So I’ve got two asks. The first goes out to all of the bar-owners and bar-goers that stand to benefit from an a$$hole free setting. Band together and take care of each other. When someone has clearly lost their mind, look after those around you and if you own the place or work there, take advantage of your right to ask the lunatic to leave. Our bartender took this route last night and it was greatly appreciated. And as for the drunk idiots in question, do us all a favor and just stay home! As a wise man once said, “with great power, comes great responsibility” and those beer muscles look nice and powerful; so be responsible and leave us all alone.

Top image by Eric Deschamps

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One thought on “Open Letter to the Drunk A$$hole Community

  1. Couldn’t agree more! Never understand how people can get that drunk in the first place.

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