New York City Welcomes Bell’s Beers

New York City has been in a frenzy the last two weeks as Bell’s Brewery has finally made it’s way from Kalamazoo. Bell’s is widely considered one of the best craft breweries in the country and has only recently built the capacity to expand into the New York markets. After a successful launch in the upstate and western regions of New York, Bell’s now has their popular suite of beers in local bars and retail locations across the city.

I had been dying to try something when I found myself in front of a huge case of their Smitten Golden Rye Ale this weekend. This sucker is the perfect segue into spring as the citrus to hop ratio screams rooftop weather drinking. With a beautiful label and at a great price, I’m hooked on Bell’s just like the rest of you now. Excited to try more and thrilled to have them in New York.

What about you mid-westerners out there? What other beers should we be trying?

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