Neversink Spirits – Living the Dream!

How many times have you sat around drinking a glass of whiskey or sipping on your favorite beer and thought to yourself “I’m definitely going to quit my job and just start my own small batch distillery/brewery”? And no, you don’t have to answer in the comment section because we all know the answer…it’s just about every time you drink, isn’t it? Which is why I’ve been so excited to check out Neversink Spirits, the new distillery built by friends and Noblers in Port Chester, NY because they stopped pontificating about the desire to start their own business, and instead just went out and did so.


Co-founders Noah and Yoni are probably some of the most inspiring young business owners that I have ever met. For years they’ve invested their hearts and energy into bringing Neversink to life but they’ve managed to maintain that same level of sincere enthusiasm for the craft that got them started. The Noblers went up for a visit to check out the operation as they are getting up and running and we all left a lot of bit jealous. In their Port Chester distillery, Noah and Yoni are pumping out early batches of their apple brandy and already thinking about the future with gin and bourbon production tests in the works. It’s a beautiful spot with amazing early results and I can’t wait to see what these guys do next.


Great shot from inside the still

What’s particularly great about Neversink is that in a time where seemingly hundreds of new distillery operations set up shop around the country struggling to find a unique identity, Noah and Yoni’s love for the apple has them developing a model for real distinction in the spirit space. By working with Connecticut operations, Kent Falls Brewery and Camp Roads Farms, Neversink helped formed “The Food Cycle” aiming at bringing the highest quality products to market while minimizing the footprint on our planet. You can check out more about their mission here:

Looking ahead, I’ll be sure to post some updates as their products hit the market and also look ahead to the return of the Night Cap series sometime this summer with Neversink as gracious hosts. Congrats Noah and Yoni!

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