How Would You Prepare For Prohibition?

The United States had a full year to plan for the country going dry but I gave some of the Noblers 24 hours. Here’s what they said they’d do with limited time to prepare, panic, or in some cases take matters into their own hands…

Dan W. – Sell my car and with all the money buy as much booze as possible.

Francis – Purchase as much bourbon as I could get my hands on.

Joe F. – Twerk my way to Canada.

Drew Burn everything. I’m assuming the 18th amendment is banning arson? But if arson is still legal and the 18th amendment is banning booze, learning how to homebrew would be tops on my “to-do” list.

Joe S. – Move to Atlantic City, become the city treasurer, partner with New York City gangsters, import whiskey, marry my Irish mistress, murder my protege, then spend a lot of time standing on the beach with the waves crashing bottles of booze at my feet. No brainer.

Mark – Get booked on Fox News. Outline all the ways Prohibition will benefit minority voter turnout and gay abortion. Kick back. Wait.

Luther Future – Shit myself. Clean myself off. Shit myself again. Then turn that “accident” into some Jenkem.

Marc – Open up a juice bar in Williamsburg and call it Speakeasy and watch the ironic cash flow in.

Mike – I wouldn’t do a thing. I already have a lifetime supply of flavored Malibu rum, which I’m pretty sure would give me unlimited wealth and power. (Jab at one of the other Nobler’s poor gift giving)

What would you do if you knew the country was going dry in 24 hours? Join the fun in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “How Would You Prepare For Prohibition?

  1. I agree with drew’s homebrew idea! Need to build some skills in distillation as well if you want full control.

  2. Learning to make toilet wine would also come in handy. Once I get out of jail (for the arson) I’ll teach you guys.

  3. Without any clue how long it would last I’d stock up on cheap liquor and a fancy label maker. Pretty soon I’d be selling “high-end” and “exclusive” spirits on the black market. I’ll take the fortune and a bunch of limes, the only thing that might make that cheaper liquor palatable!

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