Holy Matrimony – New Cocktail Recipe

Our Head Nobler out in Chicago and his awesome finance are getting married this weekend and we decided there was only one solid way to send our congratulatory wishes…and of course that’s in the form of a delicious cocktail!

Drew and I met in High School (just outside of Philadelphia) sharing a unreasonably high love for fart jokes and Munchies (and by the way if you don’t like Munchies you are an idiot). We’ve since grown up and now share an unreasonably high love for fart jokes and drinking. Which is why I was thrilled to have Drew launch the Nobler Experiment out in Chicago just about 9 months ago. Drew’s been bringing the mid-west perspective on all things drinking ever since, but staying true to form, that Philadelphia Sports Fan gene just can’t be denied. So I thought it would be best to mix a little of both into a drink Drew and Alyssa will hopefully both love as much as they love each other (felt it was important to show my softer side after all the fart joke references).

I’ve talked about this before, but spending a little time with Drew and Alyssa out in Chicago really opened my eyes to just how great a craft beer city Chicago is; such a prime location to take advantage of all the delicious Mid-west breweries. Luckily, just this year one of Drew’s favorites found it’s way to New York City and I’ve been drinking Bell’s Oberon ever since. Mixed up with a little Philadelphia Gin, and some rosemary and citrus, the Holy Matrimony is a damn delicious cocktail my friends. So drink up and cheers to Drew and Alyssa!

The Holy Matrimony

1.5 oz Bluecoat Gin

4 oz Bell’s Oberon Beer

1.5 oz Grapefruit Juice

3/4 oz Rosemary Simple Syrup

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice shake the gin, grapefruit juice, and rosemary simple syrup. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and top with the beer. Garnish with a rosemary sprig and grapefruit wedge.


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