Gift Ideas for the College Graduates

Graduation season is in full bloom these days with a bunch of young and newly educated youngsters gearing up for the excitement of their post-college days. You might be inclined to help these young graduates celebrate with a little cash, you know to kickstart the payback of their massive student loan debt (ruh roh). But you probably no better already; that money is going straight to purchasing booze and probably something mediocre at best. So why not skip a few steps and invest in a little liquor gifting that teaches the youngster to appreciate the finer things in life. Because nothing motivates like the prospect of higher quality drinking. (I should be a commencement speaker, right?)

Here’s just a few ideas to get you started. And congrats to all those new Graduates!

Bulleit Bourbon 1.75 Liter – These days Bulleit is pretty much all over the place so you might be wondering, is this really special enough for a graduation gift? I’ll answer your question with another question. Have you ever seen 1.75 L of whiskey? The classic Bulleit bottle is pretty great as it is, but the 1.75 Liter is pretty bad-ass. Pair this gift with the wisdom that the small bottles should only be bought to fill up this big sucker on the home bar display and you’ve got yourself one hell of a thank you coming your way!

Johnnie Walker Blue Label – I received a bottle of Blue Label as a gift over three years ago and have treasured every sip of this ridiculously smooth blended scotch ever since. I am dreading the day it’s gone because it is actually that good. I wish I could tell you that it’s all marketing or some other BS but Blue Label is the real deal. Gift a bottle and share the first glass with your recent graduate for the first of many post-college lessons to come. Drink the highest quality to celebrate the biggest wins and the worst defeats. You’re welcome.

Home Bar Starter Pack – Hopefully the graduate receiving this gift is one of the lucky ones that isn’t stuck moving home to continue the job search. And if that’s the case, the post college first apartment will inevitably be some amalgamation of adult and disaster. You can’t control everything, but at least contribute to a home bar set up that’s functional from the get go. While so many other spirits make a home bar great, it’s important to pick up a few classics as a starting point. Grab a bottle of Absolut Vodka, Mount Gay Rum, Hendricks Gin, and Redemption Rye, wrap it all up in a bow and hope the days of plastic bottle booze are behind the youngster.

PBR for Days – Look, no matter what’s in store for the latest generation of College graduates, one thing is for sure to come true: there will be ups and there will be downs, but shit will definitely hit the fan at some point. And sometimes, the only thing that gets you through those early fuck-ups is a little reminscing and a few ice cold PBRs. Call it hipster, call it whatever you want, but gift a few cases of PBR and watch that graduate smile from ear to ear. Nothing wrong with reliable!


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