Drink Your Feast – Happy Thanksgiving!

Is anyone else suffering from early onset Thanksgiving coma? I know we normally blame the turkey for the tryptophan but I’m blaming the turkey for something way more essential…I’m kind of bored to death with it. In fact the whole Thanksgiving menu has become less and less compelling to me over the years for it’s repetitiveness, heaviness, and beige-ness. Thank god there are people like J. Kenji Lopez-Alt thinking of ways to add a little creativity to the mix…Stuffing Waffles my friends!!!!

Love the creativity, but let me provide my own thoughts on adding some excitement to this year’s holiday. May I suggest we drink our Thanksgiving dinner? Check out our suggestions for this feast of flavors aimed at fulfilling your 5 taste senses (Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter, Umami). And yes, I recognize it’s probably a good idea to have some food to enjoy these delicious beers with; what kind of heathen do you think I am? But I can’t be everything to everyone know can I? So check out the amazing food blog (Chez CateyLou) from fellow Nobler Anthony and his wife Cate for some delicious sounding grub. 

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Salty – Every summer we go clamming in Southampton and every summer I accidentally dunk my beer (you drink in the ocean also right?) in the salt water. Most of the time this ruins the beer. But every once in a while, I get just a touch of that salt water into the mix and it’s secretly delicious. Which is why I find myself loving beers that play off a subtle saltiness on their own. EvilTwin Bikini happens to be one of my favorites for this flavor profile and it also happens to be the lightest by far on this feast’s ABV range clocking in at only 2.7. That means you can drink a million of these…and that’s before you even get the next four.

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Sour – If you aren’t big into sour beers, why don’t you just leave the damn country. Okay, fair. Maybe that was a little harsh. But truth be told, I can’t enough of sours these days and I honestly think you will too once you realize when to drink them. Considering the Thanksgiving Holiday is an all day food fest, having something that wakes up your taste buds is ideal. I recommend you pick up a six pack of Bells Brewery’s Oarsman. It’s a great intro into the sour sessions with good flavor balance.

Umami – Remember when we didn’t have Umami? That was weird. Anyway…The Uinta Brewing Company’s Baba Lager has quickly become one of my favorites this season. While it’s available year round, it fills a fantastic void in the cold months where most of the shelves are packed with high alcohol imperials. At 4%, Baba is dark,, robust yet light and easy to drink and will fill your Umami needs perfectly.

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Bitter – I’ve fawned over 21st amendment offerings in the past but that won’t stop me from doing more of the same. We could have gone with just about anything here as beer is inherently bitter (hops!) but the Bitter American dials up the perfect balance as a Session Pale Ale. At 4.4% it’s the strongest listed so far, but trust me, by the time you get to this part of the feast you’ll have had way too many conversations about “how things are going”…the alcohol will be welcomed.

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Sweet – You can have your pie, I’ll drink my dessert thank you very much. If you want to join me, pick up the Creme Brulee Imperial Stout from Southern Tier and prepare to have your mind blown. The high alcohol (9.6 abv) won’t be too much of an issue because I highly recommend you have a 6 oz pour or so of this sucker. Anything more than that and you start to question humanity, but for those first 6 oz, man is this sucker delicious.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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