Diageo Goes All In On Kentucky Whiskey Distillery

In another sign that our insatiable love for all things bourbon isn’t going away anytime soon, Diageo just recently announced their plan to build a $115 million whiskey distillery just 30 miles east of Louisville, Kentucky. While Diageo is widely considered one of the spirit powerhouses in the industry, their portfolio is fairly light in the American whiskey department (although they do own the widely loved Bulleit brand and have made a splash with their recent Orphan Barrel Project). But this latest investment is a pretty strong signal that we should expect an expanded focus on American whiskey by Diageo in the upcoming future. And it’s important to note the distinction in their communication, not choosing to focus on “bourbon” alone, but American whiskey…sounds similar to some of our foresight not too long ago.

The scale of the distillery itself is pretty amazing. 300 acres, 6 massive barrel storage warehouses, and the ability to produce 750,00 9-liter cases per year; pretty insane. Plans project a 2016 finish pending a bunch of approvals which sounds just about perfect for a Nobler Experiment field trip. So who’s coming with us?!


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