Brooklyn Brewery’s BLAST! Now in Bottles

It’s pretty hard to believe that the Brooklyn Brewery has been around for nearly 30 years! One of the original Craft innovators, their beer has become a quality staple with a pretty damn large distribution network yet somehow they’ve managed to keep a “small-batch” charm. If you’ve ever made it out to their Williamsburg brewery, you’ve definitely experienced some true Brooklyn Brewery personality with a no-frills tour and tasting that packs in a fun-loving, beer-loving crowd.

The most exciting part of Brooklyn Brewery these days however, at least to me, is the variety of styles they have experimented with, leading to some of my favorite beers on the market today. Don’t even get me started on my love for Sorachi Ace, but even some of their other more staple beers, Pennant Ale and Summer Ale for example, have become annual regulars in my drinking arsenal. And that leads us to the Blast! At one of the great spots in Williamsburg just around the corner from the brewery, Brooklyn Bowl has been serving up this high-intensity IPA for quite some time. On draft, the Blast! is an amazing example of how high gravity IPAs don’t have to be palette destroyers.

So you might imagine the dance I did, when I heard the folks at Brooklyn Brewery were getting the Blast! into bottles. And I’m even happier to report that after picking up a 4-pack of this 8.4% robust IPA, the transition from draft to bottle was a real success. I found pouring the bottle into a wide glass and letting the beer bubble away for a few minutes was needed to bring out more of those citrus notes I love, but nevertheless I’m thrilled to have the Blast! added to the growing list of delicious Brooklyn Brewery bottled options. Pick some up, try them, and let us know if you agree!

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