Bottomless Brunch Illegal?

If you think bottomless brunch options are just about the best thing in the world, what if I told you that when you pound mimosa after mimosa you are taking part in some real deal illegal activity. Even more exciting now, wouldn’t you say? Because booze and illegal activity have been hand in hand for all of time (see: Prohibition, Speakeasies) there’s always something a bit more intriguing when breaking the law can be done right out in the open.

For those of you NYC brunch fanatics that haven’t heard, the Gothamist ran a “best and worst” of Bottomless Brunch options almost a week ago and everyone’s good friends at the NYC Hospitality Alliance quickly responded with a press release reminding us that these offerings are indeed illegal. My guess is with some prodding from the State Liquor Authority this is was meant to be a subtle hint to the curators of these deals that while they’ve been left alone to date, some follow up could be on it’s way.

So what does it all mean for you? Probably not a whole lot. Typically the SLA and the police force have more on their plates than to prosecute over-zealous mimosa drinking brunch-goers. But it will be interesting to see if the number of spots offering these deals diminish. In the meantime, check out Gotham’s Best and Worst for some solid advice on where to partake in this exciting illegal activity!

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