A Nobler Hang: Good Beer NYC

Who needs a mission statement when your business’ name says it all…

Good Beer in the East Village of NYC has quickly become, and for good reason, a destination in the craft beer community. What may look like a pretty straightforward beer shop from the outside, is actually packed from floor to ceiling with one of the better collections of unique and up to date American craft beer I’ve ever seen. With one wall lined with refrigerated cases for your immediate drinking needs, and a number of shelves dedicated to both mainstream and underground craft selections, it’s pretty easy to spend your afternoon in the awe of their selection.

This is reason enough to allot some extra time when you head to Good Beer but the handful of tables, simple snacks, and ever-changing selection on tap really seals the deal. The atmosphere they have managed to create is really amazing. With an extremely knowledgeable staff and the aforementioned draft selection, it’s they perfect place to connect over a few drinks and try some delicious beers you may not otherwise have the opportunity to drink. What better way to feel confident in your take-home purchases than to try a pint before you decide.

At it’s core, Good Beer has managed to build on the passion of the craft beer community and has created something unique in a city that craves it; not your typical bar, not your typical beer shop, but something distinct all it’s own. And another great addition to our list of Nobler Hangs!

Good Beer NYC – 422 E 9th St, NYC 10009

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