A Nobler Hang: Diamante’s Cigar Lounge

For the past few years, the Noblers have been gathering roughly every six months to enjoy the classic combination of cigars and whiskey. Truth be told, very few in the group would consider themselves cigar smokers on the regular, so the six month gap was always just enough time for us to convince each other we were about due. Because outside of a historical appreciation for some of the coolest dudes on the planet smoking cigars and drinking liquor, there wasn’t a whole lot of understanding or love for the experience itself. That is until we found our way into David Diamante’s Brooklyn Cigar lounge last week and finally found an appreciation for the nuance.

David, who you might recognize as the voice of the Brooklyn Nets as well as one of the premiere professional boxing announcers, opened up the cigar lounge back in 2009 when he was frustrated with the lack of great places to partake in his love for cigars. Designing and re-building the space on his own, David has managed to nail the feel of a timeless cigar lounge where you are just as likely to see your neighbor as you are one of the many famous locals that frequent the spots just a few blocks from the Barclays Center. And no wonder; not only is the vibe phenomenal but David has gone all out in stocking the place with his own blends and favorite cigars that make his lounge a destination.

As for our night, David walked us through two very distinct cigars with his passion and knowledge that sucks you in to the whole process. From growing to production to cutting to smoking, the attention to detail and quality reminded me a ton of why I love the spirit space. So much nuance goes into a cigar, but I was never knowledgeable enough to appreciate it. What I found particularly crucial however, was just how in line David’s perspectives were with the Nobler Experiment. It’s clear he loves cigars just as much for the experience as he does as a vehicle to connect with others. Can’t thank him enough for making our night great, and can’t wait to head back soon for a few more of his amazing cigars. No need to wait six months this time.

Diamante’s Brooklyn Cigar Lounge – 108 S. Oxford Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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