21st Amendment Does it Again with Down to Earth

We always pride ourselves in being pretty objective when it comes to making recommendations on brands knowing that the last thing you need is more people shilling you a bunch of crap. But when one brand continues to deliver, over and over again, it’s hard for us not to gush a bit…

You’ve probably noticed the love we throw 21st Amendment brewery on instagram and in other posts because their beers are delicious. But I’ll be honest, I was a bit nervous when I heard they were discontinuing one of my favorite beers of theirs, the Bitter American. It was always a welcomed site at some of my favorite restaurants where the crisp session ale complimented a great meal just about as well as any beer I’ve ever had. Like at Bobwhite where a platter of friend chicken and 2 Bitter Americans was my happy place.

But who am I to question the geniuses pumping out some of my favorite beers on the regular (Hell or High Watermelon, Sneak Attack Saison, Back in Black to name a few). Because they just came out with what I believe is the best session ale on the market, the Down to Earth.¬†They are calling it the natural evolution of the Bitter American which in itself makes me love the team at 21st Amendment even more. Something nice to be said for folks looking to continuously improve on their products. And while the Bitter American was great, Down to Earth is perfect. I love it and really can’t recommend it enough. But don’t just take it from me. Listen to the simplicity of their own recommendation:

“Down to Earth is available year-round in six-pack cans and on draft and pairs nicely with a variety of things, including lunch.”

Simple and perfect.



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